Welcome to Struggle4life



Struggle was born in Switzerland on the 11th November 2011, it was created by  Andrea a.k.a Mala*Niña & Johann Flaction a.k.a Flax in order to add some spice to their private events taking place in Territet. The location where, during several years, we gathered together to share the art of DJing.


Struggle has been influenced by many styles derived from Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Reggae and even Hardcore. Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Grime, Glitch Hop, Nu Funk, Big Beat, New School Breaks and Breakcore.

It’s in July 2012 that everything speeds up, when the « Loft Club » (Lausanne) decided to hold a contest for a new event concept. We presented our project and finished in 3rd place. This is when the first official Struggle event saw the light of day. We invited Dj K, the Canadian from Label Killa Records , as our main headliner as well as several local: Sylek, Monkey Freaks, Capel et le Mc Daddy Supa.


After this success, we decided to keep up the momentum in 2013 by approching the « Ned » (Montreux)  who gave us a mandate for three events. We booked Dj K a second time and the American acts Evol intent, 6Blocc & Mc Woes.


« Struggle » was contacted by « Festivalocal » in June 2013 in order to hastily and successfully help out in setting up a DJ stage at the Jardin Doret (Vevey).


Later, the Struggle collective expanded when DJ Jul’s, DJ Slap, Squiz and Miss Lyss joined the fight. We were then able, through various audio adventures, to mix in cities such as Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Berne, Lucerne and Zurich as well as share the stage with Jungles Raiders (CH), Supalames (CH),  BassBrother (PT), Neonlight (DE), Simon "Bassine" Smith (UK), and several Swiss based artists such as   Orange Dub, Mc Stone et Sylek.

Following all this, we were commissioned for various sound and DJ roles in local events including Festival Animai, la Fête de la Bière, la Fête des Ecoles de Vevey, Spectacle Neptune, After Tattoo at the Evian Casino, the Cerise sur Electro Festival, Vevey a du Talent and the Petit Léman Bar where we hosted a monthly night during a full season.